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jackie {owen} + lucy {sage}: the name sakes

jackie {owen} + lucy {sage}: the name sakes

Meet Jackie {Owen} and Lucy {Sage}: best buds from the day they popped out and our muses from day 1.

The idea of owen+sage came about organically, while on maternity leave with my second child. A friend and I had been on leave together and over {so much} coffee, with sleeping newborns, daydreamed about opening our own baby store. How amazing would it be to create an environment where new parents could shop, relax, and enjoy some quiet time (with or without their children)? In a time of Prime and Instacart, we wanted to preserve the human connection.

As the months rolled on, owen+sage was born. Not yet with a brick and mortar, but still with the same idea in mind... to bring you the highest quality, unique baby and toddler goods for the modern family. Products that you can feel good about, all while shopping in the comfort of your own home or wherever your preferred online shopping location may be.

We are so happy you are here. 





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