About Us

Our Story

Hi there and welcome! My name is Sarah Taylor DeHaan and I am the owner here at owen+sage. After a decade of corporate retail, I added "mom" to my resume. My first son, Jackie, was born in 2016. It wasn't until I was on maternity leave with my second, Finley, in 2018 that the idea of branching out on my own began to take shape. My youngest, Juno, is now growing up in the store, which is more than I could have ever dreamed when opening our doors in Hudson in 2021.

My goal is to bring the personal connection back to retail. To share with you products that you not only love for their look and feel, but also for what they stand for, how they are made, and who makes them. I have carefully curated a shop focusing on small makers, eco-friendly and sustainable products, and charitable brands, all for the modern family.

I am so happy that you are here.


Our Mission

Here at owen+sage, we believe in protecting the planet we call home. We believe in community over competition and that by lifting up our fellow small businesses owners we will all soar. We believe in giving back as much as we can. As a small business and citizens of this earth, we commit to fight for change, equality, and social justice. ✌🏽