MiniKane Dolls, also known as Paolo Reina Dolls, are made using quality eco-friendly materials and non-toxic vinyl.

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Ribbed Knit Undershirt
Angele Baby Doll
Niko Doll Kimono Set
Gabrielle Minikane Doll
Doll Cotton Pajamas
Doll Bassinet
Doll Bassinet
Angèle Doll Shorty Set
Cotton Boxer Short || Adele
Short-Sleeved Bodysuit || Anthracite
Mae Baby Doll
Mae Baby Doll
Ondine Baby Doll
Gaspard Baby Doll
Raphael Minikane Doll
Charlie Minikane Doll
Jahia Minikane Doll
Jules Minikane Doll
Wooden Doll Clothes Rack
Kim Doll Bloomer
Jaro Baby Doll
Jade Minikane Doll
Doll Clothes Hangers || Set of 6