It’s my Birthday Book


Mercy House Global

Like many children in poverty around the world, Mercy is a little girl in Kenya who doesn’t know her birthday. She’s always wondered who lives in the big house behind the gate she passes on the way to the market. One day, Mercy is invited to a special party at the house. She not only discovers who lives there, she also learns something she’s always wondered about: her birthday! (Includes glossary of terms and birthday facts from around the world.)

Rehema Rescue Center is a real home in Kenya where many teen moms live and are welcomed as family. More than 50 miracle babies have been born and each of them know their birthdays. Every month, Rehema celebrates with a birthday day. It is funded by a non-profit in the USA called Mercy House Global. This book was written to celebrate ten years of their global ministry and partnership. Learn more about the work of Mercy House Global at 100% of this books proceeds benefit Rehema House in Kenya.


Written by Kristen Welch

Illustrated by Blake Elms