Flip Out Hammerhead's Emotional Regulation Set



Hammerhead is “flipping out” this summer while practicing (& teaching you) his Tools to Cool! This set helps kids understand and navigate big feelings, providing specific tools to help calm down and navigate Conflict Resolution, making emotion regulation accessible and fun for young children.

Included in the set are:

-“Let's Go! with Hammerhead: Tools to Cool” interactive book: Hammerhead teaches 5 coping strategies for big feelings through a fun read-&-play experience.

-Flip-Out Hammerhead Stuffed Animal Kin: Features an interactive head that flips from mad to calm, visually demonstrating the transformation of emotions. -Starfish Mini: Practice “Starfish Breaths” to help calm down.

-FREE Jellyfish Mini: Practice another Tool To Cool-"Jellyfish Drops" just like in the book!

-Affirmation Card: The affirmation from the book and tips for emotional regulation.

This set is more than just a toy—it's a tool that empowers children to understand their emotions and gain valuable skills!