Mythical Tangerine Sprite Snuggler || Grief & Loss



Supports: Grief & Loss Coping with grief and loss is never easy, and it can be hard to navigate for children and caregivers alike. In new, limited-edition Tangerine, Sprite Snuggler helps young children find comfort during challenging experiences. Sprite reminds them that though their loved ones are no longer here, they continue to live on in our hearts.

“Sprite Helps Say Goodbye” teaches children about different types of goodbyes. Whether it’s putting their toys away at the end of the day or moving away from an old home, children learn that their memories are a positive way of connecting with the love they feel in their hearts. Reflect & Connect questions at the end of Sprite’s story provide caregivers with a supportive resource to guide the discussion of Grief & Loss and deepen their child’s understanding of this
Made in Vietnam