Bigfoot's Self Esteem Set with 2 Books



Set Includes: Stuffed Animal Kin + 2 Books in gift packaging

Bigfoot helps kids build self-esteem! He wants kids to know they are lovable and they can always lean on their support when facing adversity or getting their feelings hurt. The book collection introduces new ideas and lessons while the Bigfoot toy brings them to life!

Bigfoot is great for: -Building a foundation of self-esteem -Coping with Bullying -Coping with playground conflict -Building self-confidence -Gifting for baby showers, birthdays, or holidays!

Introduction Book: Bigfoot, You are Lovable, instills positive core beliefs about self-worth in readers to help them grow into healthy adults no matter what mistakes they make or challenges they face.

Lesson Book: Bigfoot Copes with Hurt Feelings, teaches kids that if they get their feelings hurt, there are steps they can take to empower themselves to cope with their big feelings.

Machine washable, Air dry. 100% Polyester. Stuffed w/hypoallergenic fiberfill