Self-Care for Busy Mothers


Sarah Rudell Beach

Bring peace and calm to your busy-mama days with these inspiring meditations and mantras.

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming experience, presenting significant challenges to mental health and wellbeing. The powerful techniques offered in this book are intended to boost psychological health, help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood, and help you be the mother—and the YOU—that you want to be. Sarah Rudell Beach offers a rich compendium of practical advice on how to be present in the moment, and how to live with curiosity and without judgement, and offers powerful tools that can transforms how you relate to your own life, and how you engage with the world. There is a growing body of research that tells us that when mothers practice self-care they experience less stress and anxiety, build stronger relationships with their children, and feel less overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. Their children experience less stress and anxiety, too. In this beautifully illustrated book, Sarah Rudell Beach introduces the basics of self-care and offers a collection of meditations and affirmations. From dealing with tantrums and your patience being tested to making time for yourself and practicing self-compassion, you’ll discover how being present in the moment can lead to greater calm, balance, and ease in your daily life.