Hedgehog Belly Designs

Isabel of Hedgehog Belly Designs

Tell us a little about you and your shop

My name is Isabel, and I'm a mom to one rambunctious 4 year old and the designer and main maker of Hedgehog Belly Designs. I worked for years as a high-end children's fashion designer in NY and London, and when I had my own child I wanted him to be able to wear cool, more stylish clothes that didn't break the budget and that were as appealing to him as they were to me. I also wanted to spend as much time with my little guy as possible, and I knew that going back to a full time corporate job wouldn't allow that - so little by little, style by style I built Hedgehog Belly Designs.

How did you get started on your craft?

I have always been an artist and a maker! Growing up I sewed clothes for my dolls, loved fine arts like pottery, painting, photography and drawing, loved fabrics, and loved all things crafty. 

What do you love most about your craft?

I love seeing kids wear the clothes that I have designed. It makes my heart happy when I see a child choose an item of clothing that I made as their favorite. Also, seeing how kids style their Hedgehog Belly is the best!  Sometimes they will wear things in a totally different way than I had envisioned and it looks amazing! I love that things that I make can help kids to show their personality to the world. 

Where are you located and how can we find more of your collection?

Our design studio is currently located in Framingham, MA. You can shop in person at lots of local events and markets, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to shop virtually!