Adult Cross Draped Sweater || Alabaster


This sweater is our virtual hug to all moms. You will love the luxurious, scratch/itch-free, and lightly weighted fabric that is breathable and so versatile! You can wear it open draped – perfect for skin-to-skin (S2S)/snuggle time with baby, to nurse/pump/feed, or to cover up for a stroller walk, or some needed self-care softness.  Cheers to no more shivering during late-night feeds, pumping, washing bottles. Oh, and having something to throw on when a visitor stops by! Looks great draped over any tank or top.
For sizing, you can reference your pre-pregnancy size.  Note the sweater fabric is a soft knit. Please hand wash / machine wash separately / or machine wash in a delicates bag to reduce pills/pulls

Made in Sri Lanka